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The purest water

With greater purity thanks to our purification technology, eleia pure  is the purest bottled water, providing a lighter, fresher drinking experience than ordinary bottled water. This makes it the ideal water for sports, elite athletes and anyone leading an active, healthy lifestyle.

Ordinary water can leave you feeling bloated and unable to drink sufficient amounts required for adequate hydration. This is due to the many invisible particles and impurities dissolved within. Sub-standard tastes in some waters can create a reluctance to drink enough for your body’s daily requirements, quite often people will turn to high-calorie drinks containing sugars and artificial sweeteners.

When we produce eleia pure, we draw water from a natural underground source. It then passes through multiple levels of micron-filtration. Next we use a specialist, purification technology that forces water through tight membranes to remove dissolved solids and impurities. This guarantees a higher level of purity, quality and taste for the purest water and the purest bottled water.




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